Tuesday, November 10, 2009

V: Back in Action!


What a wild ride it's been. That was one F-ing fantastic wedding.

Not too mention the two glorious weeks in Europe.

And the new found joy in everyday life with my HUSBAND.


The plan is to start a food/life blog with my lovely Sissy in the next few weeks since a wedding blog doesn't really cut it anymore. However, there is a distinct possibility that I could post recaps, DIYs and my secrets to success. But seriously, is anyone still listening??


  1. I am! But you probably assumed as much. I'd love to see more pictures and hear all about it (AND your awesome European honeymoon)! That said, I'll assuredly follow your next blog as well, so do what you will :) (Either way, post pictures!)

  2. I am here! I want to hear recaps and see photos! I am in the same pickle though... once my recaps and photos and vendor reviews are over - I think I am going to talk about my love of being a newlywed and FOOD!

  3. Still here, still interested.

  4. Yes, still interested :) Send the new foodie blog link over! :)

  5. After THAT picture? Definitely post recaps! The foodie/life blog sounds interesting too...

  6. Congrats!! Love your dress by the way, as well as the fun booth pics Alea put up! Looked like a fabulous wedding, can't wait to hear more about it. Welcome back home!


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