Friday, October 23, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

V: Have we lost our minds? Confirmed.

A real exchange between the reception restaurant owner and my dear fiance:

Can we squeeze an extra chair into the 12-seater?
Thanks again!

Mr. B
Senior Stella Liaison

No problem on 13 guest at each table. I see your significant other has already promoted you to Senior Liaison. Congrats!


It was actually a coup d'etat. She's now in reception exile.

Mr. B
Supreme Stella Commander

But seriously, Stella Restaurant and Daria of Circle of Love Weddings [our Day of Coordinator] rocked our faced off last night in a four hour prep meeting. I highly highly recommend them both!

Monday, October 12, 2009

V: Two weeks

to go. And I have to admit, adding "documentation of the DIY" to the DIY list is just not gonna fly. So you'll have to wait til post-wedding for all the details. More importantly, post two-week-dream-vaca-in-Italy-extravaganza. Cause OMG we just got the details and it is going to rock my face off.

Can you say Renaissance art in Florence, modern art Biennale in Venice, wine library in Sienna, palm trees + Alps in Lugano, truffle season, Lake Como and my birthday in Paris? Whoa.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Samantha's Thought of the Day: Make a photograph list for your photographer!!

Samantha's bride tip #2: Make a photo list for your photographer and assign a "photo wrangler" who is either one of your friends, a family member or your wedding coordinator. I found that this was key in making sure that our photos were taken efficiently. We were actually done far ahead of schedule when the wedding was over! Part of making this work is having a plan for photos to be taken before the ceremony. Mr. L and I didn't want to see eachother beforehand, but even so, we were still able to take hundreds of family, bridesmaid and groomsman pictures at separate times. Since we finished so many photos ahead of time, the photo taking after the ceremony was minimal, except for our bride/groom portraits, which we took all over Georgetown on the way to the reception. We tried to be very organized with the post-ceremony photos so that groups of people could make their way to the reception or do whatever else they needed to do. I planned in advance which group would go first, second, third, etc. Our ministers needed to change and go on to other things, so we had their photos taken first. My parents needed to head off to host the party, so their photos were taken second, Mr. L's parents needed to go host their guests, so their photos were taken third and so on and so forth. Finally, were just left with the two of us, my maid of honor (who helped to bustle me) and my brother, who drove the two of us and our photographer around Georgetown for portraits. Perfect! Now we'll have to see how the portraits come out...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Samantha's thought of the day: Go the distance.

Samantha's bride tip #1: Fake eyelashes are the bomb! Ok, so I wasn't totally sure about the idea of wearing false eyelashes- what if they come off? But on the wedding day, I took a risk having never experimented with them before and they came out so well! All you do is buy DUO glue, purchase the eyelashes (I bought the kind from MAC that start in the middle of the eyelash and extend to the end- they look more natural), put the glue on fake lashes, place them on your eye and dry with a blow dryer until the white glue disappears! It took about 5 minutes total and lasted until I took them off the next day in the Denver airport, already one flight down and an entire wedding day later. The best part is that it sort of substitutes for eyeliner, so all I did was add some eyeliner to the part where the eyelash wasn't (toward the inner eye) and my eyes were pretty much done! It makes a big difference in pictures and definitely gives a slightly more glamorous and dramatic look.