Friday, October 2, 2009

Samantha's Thought of the Day: Make a photograph list for your photographer!!

Samantha's bride tip #2: Make a photo list for your photographer and assign a "photo wrangler" who is either one of your friends, a family member or your wedding coordinator. I found that this was key in making sure that our photos were taken efficiently. We were actually done far ahead of schedule when the wedding was over! Part of making this work is having a plan for photos to be taken before the ceremony. Mr. L and I didn't want to see eachother beforehand, but even so, we were still able to take hundreds of family, bridesmaid and groomsman pictures at separate times. Since we finished so many photos ahead of time, the photo taking after the ceremony was minimal, except for our bride/groom portraits, which we took all over Georgetown on the way to the reception. We tried to be very organized with the post-ceremony photos so that groups of people could make their way to the reception or do whatever else they needed to do. I planned in advance which group would go first, second, third, etc. Our ministers needed to change and go on to other things, so we had their photos taken first. My parents needed to head off to host the party, so their photos were taken second, Mr. L's parents needed to go host their guests, so their photos were taken third and so on and so forth. Finally, were just left with the two of us, my maid of honor (who helped to bustle me) and my brother, who drove the two of us and our photographer around Georgetown for portraits. Perfect! Now we'll have to see how the portraits come out...

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