Tuesday, January 5, 2010

V: I'm over it, on to new adventures!

Hey friends. I have to let you in on something. I'm so done with this wedding, and also, weddings in general. For me, they are soooo 2009. And like bloggers that have gone before, I'm ready to close up shop. Exit the party, like we did back in October, to the tune of 'Don't Stop Believing' (big thanks to whoever cued that up on the iPod, totally unplanned, totally aweome).

If you want more wedding photos, feel free to visit the blog of our talented photographers, Alea Moore.

And if you want to stay in touch, my sissy and I are starting a new co-blog, sharing recipes and discussing our foodie obsessions. It's pretty much my favorite thing in the world: Whisk Away.

To all you other brides out there: have the best freaking day of your life ever. We sure did:)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

V: Fun things to do at a Wedding Part 1

We choose not to have a band for the obvious reason of cost, and we ultimately choose not to have a DJ because of the cost combined with the Dreaded Cheese Factor.

Mr. B and I went back and forth on this one, let me tell you. Regardless of the fact that his only dance move is The Sprinkler, Mr. B insisted we have a rockin dance party with a DJ.

I can't remember the resolution [measuring up the restaurant, crying, leaving the task to him, deal-making??], but we never hired a DJ.

Instead, with a week to go to the big event, we hired a photobooth.

Alea Moore comes through again!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

V: I'm thankful for

These people.

And the fact that we should be getting our wedding photos back soon. Squeeee!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

V: We're legal

Thank god I don't have to worry anymore. Our marriage is actually official in the eyes of Georgia.

It's kind of a mini-miracle to me. Mr. B filled out the online paperwork for his father to become certified by the Universal Life Church as a 'Reverend.' It was free. In my worst fears the state would see his name listed on our marriage certificate and laugh.

But they believed us!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

V: By Popular Demand

I will make an actual commitment to blog. As in, more than a post every two weeks. There are so many projects I want to share with you, and once we get our photos back from Alea Moore, WATCH OUT!

Here is a list of things I promise promise promise to blog about before our six month anniversary:
  • More additions of "Rad Registry Items"
  • How to design, print, and assemble your own invitations [a multi-part series, with templates!]
  • F the Florist, or how I ended up with a florist's bouquet at the last minute
  • Dressing your Bridesmaids on the cheap
  • Gifting your Bridesmaids
  • Packaging gifts for your Bridesmaids, or Fun Projects at Midnight Before Your Wedding
  • How to make your mother & mother-in-law cry [happy tears!]
  • Your Veil, and the AWESOME things you can do with it
  • Our ceremony text [I'll post the whole darn thing for your use]
  • Other paper goods: programs, placecards, table markers, signage
  • Alternative Centerpieces, or How to Thrift 287 glass vases and not go broke/insane
  • What to do with Wedding Photos

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

V: Back in Action!


What a wild ride it's been. That was one F-ing fantastic wedding.

Not too mention the two glorious weeks in Europe.

And the new found joy in everyday life with my HUSBAND.


The plan is to start a food/life blog with my lovely Sissy in the next few weeks since a wedding blog doesn't really cut it anymore. However, there is a distinct possibility that I could post recaps, DIYs and my secrets to success. But seriously, is anyone still listening??

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


CONGRATULATIONS to Mr and Mrs Birdsbee, married on October 24th! The wedding was exquisite and perfectly suited to the tastes of Mrs. Birdsbee. My goodness, it was cool! There were so many neat elements, which I will name below:

Cool thing #1: M/M Birdsbee created balls of moss and attached them to ribbons and used them as decoration for the gorgeous ceremony spot. Very neat!

Cool thing #2: The bridesmaids wore matching yellow headbands and instead of carrying flowers, carried demure little handbags, which also doubled as their bridesmaid gifts. Instead of buying a belt, each girl used the same mimosa colored ribbon. Awesome!
Cool thing #3: Mr. Birdsbee's dad officiated the ceremony, which was punctuated by messages from each mother to the bride and groom as readings. The service was created completely by Victory and Mr., so it was perfectly tailored to the two of them.

Cool thing #4: The clouds cleared away for the 30 minutes of the ceremony, as if by providence!

Cool thing #5: The bride and groom were both escorted by BOTH parents coming down the aisle. I liked it. Also, they had a banjo player serenade them into the ceremony.

Cool thing #6: Instead of using flowers on the tables, Victory collected hundreds of different shaped glass containers and put white tea lights inside. On my table, which sat 6 people, we had twenty clear glass holders of different heights and widths. It was very romantic, yet modern.

Cool thing #7: When it came time for the toasts, all of the members of the bridal party stood up and spoke. It made for the most hilarious and tear-inspiring night, ever!

Cool thing #8: They had a photo booth. PHOTO BOOTH with PROPS! I wore the Viking helmet for a majority of the night and felt that it was quite fitting.

Cool thing #9: They had everyone stand in two lines for their exit and then ran through. Coincidentally, the entire wedding serenaded them with "Don't Stop Believin." Initially, when I walked outside and everyone had already formed, I said, "Is this a dance off?"

Cool thing #10: The cake was totally delicious. I mean, totally. The layers had yellow velvet ribbon lining the bottom and it was the perfect way to end the night.

YAYAYAYAYAY! Victory, are you back from Italy? Tell us about it!!