Monday, January 26, 2009

I Don't Feel Like Dancin'

Enter Monday, and the Monday Playlist. My own personal tradition of ringing in the new week with upbeat funky tunes that make coffee unnecessary. Today, it got rearranged to compliment the AWESOME song featured in this inaugural humor video.

While I enjoy cutting the odd rug with the ladies, as the Scissor Sisters say, Mr. B and I just don't feel like dancing . . . together. It's really not us. Trust me, you won't find us in da club. [Regardless of this fact, about every three weeks Mr. B decides he does want dancing because "that's what you do at weddings". Unfortunately for him, that's really really quite unconvincing that it's worth an extra $1000 in our budget. Oy!]

So, we've been looking at restaurants to hold our festivities. Think big dinner party with friends and family. We can still do the traditions of announcing the wedding party, cake cutting, toasts and even a first dance. And we win by cutting the cost of said DJ/band, and the built in costs of a reception venue big enough for a dance floor. 

We're big foodies here in the Virginia Highlands of Atlanta, and it's so important to find a place that balances superb food, great decor [less work for us to decorate!], in the neighborhood, and a low $$ total to buy out the entire place to ourselves on a Saturday night.

This only leaves a few options:
Food 101 [southern gourmet, where we had my graduation dinner!]
Osteria 834 [mmm, pizzza/pasta]
Sotto Sotto [not our all time fav place, but an option]

Check out this casual pizza reception. Awesome!
And also there is this fantastic former restaurant, but Mr. B has vetoed it based on the fact that about 30 people would have to sit on a balcony overlooking the main floor. I tend to disagree that people will really care much if they are split among two floors. The decor and food and price REALLY overcome this small objection! It is also the furthest away. BUT THEY HAVE A FIRE PLACE. Enough said, right?? 

I'm going to fact find at Osteria this coming weekend. Restaurants around here really are committed to the neighborhood, which is fantastic when you want to grab dinner, but a pain when you want to buy them out on a Saturday night. I'd really like to figure this out, so let's hope they come through!

We're still gathering suggestions, and ruling them out. 

In the category of too expensive:
One Midtown Kitchen
Rathbun's [duh]
South City Kitchen
Watershed in Decatur

In the category of something else is wrong with it:
Allegro [decor not so good]
Trois [too close to Mr.B's work [??]]
Two Urban Licks [no where to have it/wayy to big]
Canoe [might as well do ceremony there as well, too traditional]
Houston Mill House [WAY too 1990s decor]
Sage in Decatur [best buddy's wedding reception was there in May]
Anthony's in Buckhead [another wedding there in June]
Eclipse di Luna/Taverna Plaka/etc. [too themed]
Eno [food not so good]
Fritti [SIGH, too small/wrong decor]
Quattro at Piedmont Park [too outside]
Wisteria [too expensive for a smaller venue]

Atlanta is really known for it's awesome restaurants, anyone got a suggestion???


  1. I have to agree with Mr. B on this one....people WILL care about being split up into two floors. It could be seen as insulting, and it is never good etiquette to segregate your guests at a party...

  2. I have to agree with Mrs. Jayne! I think that Food Studio, Osteria or Sotto Sotto would be great spots.

    Have you thought about Parish? It's in the Inman Park area and has that exposed Brick thing going on. I think that there would be enough space, plus they are new, so probably not as expensive. The food is great! I ate there a few weeks months. The flag outside is even in Mimosa color!! There is a market downstairs, which is very cool- i suppose you could have the "registration table" and favors down there, along with the guestbook, etc.

    It is a concentrics restaurant and is therefore related to One Midtown, Two Urban Licks and Trois. Check it out!


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