Monday, January 5, 2009

Reception site and ceremony-- CHECK!

OH man, do I have news! Well, first of all, I've chosen a reception site- Sequoia Restaurant at the Washington Harbour! It's in Georgetown, 8 blocks from our church and it's fab. Couldn't be more excited! Very dramatic views of the Potomac river and great food are the hallmarks of this awesome place. woohoo!

Brad and I have also decided the order of our ceremony and our music, which is going to be a surprise. Suffice it to say that we are going to have some pretty dramatic and regal pieces that involve many-a-brass player. Thrilled about that! We also have picked our scripture readings and a hymn. Oh, I can't wait for our ceremony...sigh =)

Let's see...I've also been visiting florists and bakers with madre and we haven't found one that we are sold on, but we're getting ideas. I'm thinking a white cake with buttercream frosting and not fondant, since I've been told it is lacking in taste. Can't have that! Brad and I are considering having a vintage looking cake topper of an old-school pilot and his honey. The problem is that this exists in our minds and not in reality. Hmm.

In terms of decorating, I have been looking at tablescapes (thank you Victory for this word, with which I was previously unfamiliar). BBJ Linen is an awesome website for ideas-- . I have been thinking about my gold, white and bits of red color scheme and am trying to keep the budget way down in this area. I'm thinking gold runners, single dramatic flowers and lots and lots and lots of candles. See the picture above for what I'm thinking.

I've discovered that Michael's has some great do-it-yourself wedding supplies, including invitations, escort/place cards, table numbers, program kits, fake flower petals, bridal ribbon and more! I am definitely going back to Michael's for all of my DIY projects.

Ok friends, miss you tons!!

Samantha Livalittle


  1. WHOA that picture is gorgeous!! Can we see more?? Will you have dancing in the restaurant??

  2. Hooray for Sequoia's! And pumped for the music. French Horns rule :) I bet votive candles and such at Micheal's are a steal. xx

  3. So pretty! Hooray for finding your venue.


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