Monday, December 22, 2008

Countdown begins

Less than 24 hours til we pack up the car and head out to the mountains for a down home Mr. B Family Christmas. I've spent a pretty serious amount of time with them, but never a Christmas, their BIG DEAL day. Unfortunately, this year several of the clan won't be able to attend, and I'm told I might not get the full effect. But fear not, we will be treated to swedish meatballs [don't be confused, they are actually Appalachian in ethnicity], a family trivia night and a WVU bowl game.

In the meantime, I'm still at work and will be tomorrow as well. I've got my presents in line, but Mr. B had a really hard time taking care of his parents. I refuse to take over his parental present responsibility just yet [it's hard to shop for parents who have everything!]; I may need a signed contract in place before that becomes one of my many many household duties.

The list of to-dos for tonight is quite long. We're going to attempt to make toffee to bring to Mr. B's clan as an offering from my family tradition [shoutout to Grandma Cookie! think maybe that may be a reason for my insane sweet tooth?]. Let's hope we don't destroy our house in a sticky gooey mess before leaving for two weeks.

We also have our own personal holiday celebration to honor. A fancy dinner out, followed by a present exchange [all wrapped around frantic candy making, laundering and packing for a two state junket]. But I already made him 'open' his stocking yesterday. The underwear gifted there was holding up more laundry;) Oy!

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  1. Love your blog. Two weddings, two brides, two personalities - what a great idea.


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