Wednesday, December 3, 2008

VB Was Here

Came across a fantastic idea today on Weddingbee to involve wedding guests: the quilt square guest book. Just leave out fabric squares and pens for people to sign, sew all the squared together and voila, you have a pretty and meaningful keepsake.

The smart Weddingbee who posted the idea (and she got it from Style Me Pretty) has heard of Spoonflower, the design-it-yourself fabric printer. Submit your design and receive the custom fabric back for $18/yard. Brilliant, I love it!

However, I already know for certain that I want to have a traditional guestbook. My father's parents started a guestbook at their wedding in 1946 and have kept it ever since. The simple wood cover with 'Guestbook' engraved by hand holds yellowed pages stiched together. My grandmother ensured the participants of family gathering signed throughout the year and she recorded the births, marriages and deaths of everyone in her family. It's great to look back and see my father and his four sisters entries from their childhood. One of the best entries is from Aunt Teresa's birthday, dutifully noting how her sister Lennie gave her a chicken.

So, how much guestbooking is too much?

I'm thinking that I will certainly go with the traditional guestbook, but maybe we could encourage people to write marriage advice on the fabric squares to be sewn together. What do you think??

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