Monday, December 1, 2008

The Bachelorette is Going Away Extravaganza

Whew, it's been quite some time! Between my first real business trip and romantic meet up in the amazing city of Chicago and preparing for/hosting BOTH sets of parental units for one big merry Thanksgiving, I've barely had time to write. 

But to fill things in chronologically, we clearly must begin with the bridal-send-off-extravaganza our dear friend threw for Ms. Livalittle before her ATL departure. Though we are incredibly sad to see her off, she's going to a better place . . . Hawaii! And with flurries outside today, I'm pretty positive it is a better place right now. So our girl is on her way to her romantic and tropical new home.

We kicked off the evening with an Aloha-themed dinner party, gifted some sweet and some scandalous lingerie, and played some sweet (toilet-paper wedding dress, photo attached) and some scandalous (sculpt a male body part out of a banana? Way to study up on Grey's Garcia!) games. And in true girls-night-out form, we headed out to Da Club. Luckily, it was a Friday, when typically Hotlanta hip-hop is interspersed with some good old 80s. We got down, and I met my yearly quota of crowded/smokey/LOUD dancing, wahoo! It took approximately 10.25 hours before I could hear anything after our departure. Even though I stayed rock-solid, stone-cold sober (let me tell you, that Andre punch as weak), our dear Samantha lived a little.

But it all came to an end when she drove off, never to live in our ATL again:(

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