Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Great Dress Search Part 1

O, to be a bride. Shiny new bling. Planning a big party in your honor. Life is soooo hard. 

But then, you must choose a dress! 

The decisions are endless and everything beings to look the same. I'm not so sure I am of the ilk who believe that when you put on The One you just know. For every 'good' dress I try on, I can imagine an entirely different wedding around it. 

I started out with some very basic criteria and some images of inspiration. Floor length, white-ish, very couture. Nothing straight across strapless(nothing special on my frame). Well structured, but not over powering this shorty. No beading (overly formal for our style), but with texture.

Most important feature is to find an INTERESTING neckline. Usually that means a v-neck or sweetheart or cap sleeves.

So, without further ado, here are my three favorite dresses to date! My goal is to narrow it down to a specific designer dress than research the heck out of lower cost options including knock-offs and pre-owned. 

Number 1: Madison by Vineyard
This is the first dress I ever ever tried on [except for super friend Laurie's beautiful Rivini dress!]. And I've been thinking about it ever since. It's been featured in at least three bridal magazines I've picked up since trying it on-it's everywhere! And so beautiful. Love the casual vibe, the architectural belt, the 1960s styling. And it was sooo fun to wear (pockets!) and not too far out of budget even brand new. Unfortunately, no one else seemed as jazzed about it as I. I take my sister/MOH's opinion deadly seriously and she seemed lukewarm. Oh well, I think it rocks!

It may not have helped that our consultant, Ellen, at Priscilla of Boston was NOT COOL. Pushy and not understanding of my style. She only perked up when I mentioned a very expensive venue we were considering and though I had a lot of money to spend. Tsk-tsk, Ellen.

Number 2: Spring '08 Lazaro
Wow, super vintage, romantic, AWESOME. This dress really compliments my ring, a replica of a beautiful and unique ring from the 1920s. NOTE: the dress looks complete different on me. Nothing like the photo AT ALL. This dress was very complimentary with a deep v-neck, cap sleeves and killar ruffled back skirt. Natural waist sash, but think I prefer empire now.

This was the first dress that made both my mom and future-mother-in-law tear up. I tried it on with a sweet birdcage veil to complete the ensemble and there I was, a bride. It was so me.

Number 3: unknown style Romona Keveza
GAAHHH! I can't find this exact one online, so I don't know the name. It's close to the one pictured, but I don't think it's entirely the same [look at the left shoulder, NOT the right one falling down]. 

It's simple, classic, pearly white with shoulder straps hitting at just the perfect place. Empire waist to elongate. Lots of room to accessorize to bring in vintage details. We added a sash and brooch with a birdcage veil and it was grand.

This was clearly the mom's favorite. I think that it may make more sense to go in this direction. The super-vintage dresses a la Lazaro and Claire Pettibone (another close runner up is Kristene from the 2006 collection) are BEAUTIFUL and so hot right now. But will that style last? Or will we look back in 10-20 years and bemoan the trends of the day like I imagine many brides of the 80s and 90s do??

Anyway, the process has just begun, so stay tuned for more more more!


  1. Those dresses you highlighted are all so gorgeous. It's so hard to choose!! Don't you wish you could buy them all!?!

  2. Oh these are BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL!!!! I want to see them on you!!!! the belt one looks so unique, I can imagine the romantic one looking fantastic on you and the last one is soooooooo fun! :) what an awesome process!

  3. OMG! Love all of them, although I think I see you most in number two! So fun that you went with both moms, what a fun process!! The dress is def the best part!

  4. Those wedding gowns are so beautiful... Last one is looking superb!!


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