Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Golden Gate to Wedding Dresses?

This weekend is Mr. B's annual work whop-dee-doo in San Francisco, and I get to tag along! I've never been to the Bay Area, and I'm pumped for our amazing plans: city sightseeing, reservations at Gary Denko's, the best restaurant in town, and a weekend in Sonoma wine country for some wine-induced fun and shopping for parental holiday gifts.

But the best part may be the fact that I've got all day on Friday to wander the city on my own. And I'm pretty sure that I want to make Glamour Closet my first stop [it's only 5 blocks from our hotel in the city, AHHHH!!]. Known for seriously discounted designer wedding gowns [we're talking up to 75% off the retail price], I think I'm ready to go solo shopping. I've got an idea of what styles look the best on me and if I can find a deal that happens to be close to my size, I'm going for it. The main issues will be size, unfortunately. Not to be a complete jerk, but I'm concerned that most of the sample size gowns will be the wrong proportion of me since they're a larger size. Anyway, if something happens to work out, I will not hold back!

Also - if I find something totally awesome and expensive, on Saturday, they are having a MAJOR sale. All gowns will be priced at $499, $999 or $1499. Dang, that's a sweeeeeeet deal!

Wish me luck!!


  1. That's awesome that you're tagging along to SF. You will like it there {some of the people are odd, but isn't that everywhere?!}. Wishing you luck as you venture out to find your dream dress :)


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