Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Long aisles and old style- our church!

Hello friends! Well it's been a week and I've missed the blog! I was quite busy saying goodbye to my dear friends and coworkers in Atlanta and preparing for the journey that will eventually take me to Hawaii. While in DC for the holidays, I plan to make quite a bit of progress on the wedding and am getting excited about the details! As of today, I am most thrilled about our church. It's so lovely! It has a small sanctuary that holds 300 people and features a beautiful mosiac tile floor, gorgeous stained glass, wooden pews and tall candles that line both sides of the long and lovely aisle. I keep imagining BB at the front of the church as the organ sounds a deep and exhilirating note and the back doors fly open, revealing me standing there with dad in my fabulous dress! As I've said before, I long for drama! The picture here shows the sanctuary in the days of old; this church was established in 1792.

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  1. If you search 'a tale of two brides blog' your blog comes up second!


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