Monday, November 10, 2008

Perhaps I should introduce myself...

Hello fellow bloggers, blog-readers and wedding enthusiasts! It is I, Samantha Livalittle! I have to admit that SL is my pen name-- or for you literati out there, my nom de plume. I've decided to write anonymously so as to preemptively exonerate myself from any bridezilla crimes I may commit over the next few months. I can't promise that I won't succumb to the pressures. In fact, it's probably a guarantee that I will lose my patience while looking at swatches.

Although the wedding process started in Atlanta for me, I will be planning a wedding in DC while living in Hawaii. I am quite happy to tackle this logistical challenge until the scheduled date of September 19, 2009. Most importantly though, I am going to try to live a little throughout this crazy process-- here's to making it fun!

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  1. i love this blog!!! so great you will be able to keep us updated across the miles.


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