Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wedding literature

Looking through my first wedding magazines almost felt like a forbidden pleasure. I had always eyed them at the check-out counter in the grocery store, or in the racks at Barnes & Noble, but knew that they were not for me and that it would be terribly bad luck to purchase one. Now, however, I could hypothetically buy and read bridal periodicals until I am blue in the face! After Brad proposed, several generous friends offered their wedding magazines, books, guides and planners and I have to say, there is some good stuff out there!

I know that my blogger in crime can back me up on this, but one of the best magazines in general is Martha Stewart Weddings. Good old Martha gives advice on DIY projects, flowers, cakes and pretty much everything else. (Does anyone remember that she went to prison, by the way? She seems to have slipped right back into society without people giving a second thought to her time spent knitting while in a white collar penitentiary. Ok, I digress.)

InStyle Weddings is your classic wedding magazine- one beautiful picture after another of couture dresses, real brides, exquisite details and generally swanky people at swanky affairs. This is a fun magazine to look through- I was glad that this was the first one I read, as it gave me a great idea of what I wanted in terms of style.

The's regional magazines are great for getting specific vendor information for your area. This helps in second stage planning (the one I'm in), when you have already determined the type, style, date and location of your wedding.

The rest of the lot (and believe me, there are an unbelievable amount of periodicals) are just a bunch of dress ads. Am I right, Ms. Birdsbee?

Happy reading...


  1. True, but I also find that wedding mags are the only publications where I am actually interested in many of the ads. Call that good marketing when your message reaches an interested target audience!

  2. I agree that anything besides those two are just glorified classified sections. I peeked at a MANHATTAN BRIDE while in the doctors office waiting for a flu shot, and there literally was NO editorial content, just ads.

    And you're good about not looking at IN STYLE or Mme Stewart's birde mags until now--I look all the time! :)


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