Friday, November 14, 2008

To the Frozen North Feeling Warm and Fuzzy

I'm headed off to Chicago for my very first business trip! It's supposed to be an unusually cold weekend, even by the standards of the eskimos who live in the windy city.

Luckily, a very lovey CJ sent a link to this great Restoration Hardware gift, the Smittens [hello new registry item, thanks for stopping by!]. He travels pretty much every week for work so he is flying in today to meet up with me in Atlanta to go north before my conference begins next week. That's right, jet-setting romance! Hopefully he can swing his High and Mighty Airline Status to get me into first class with him. Otherwise, it's steerage for me, but have fun up there with the hot fudge sundaes and champagne!


  1. Umm...smittens seem like the best gift ever...I think that I'm giving these to Morgan and Abigail, haha.

  2. How did you know that this was the only item on our Christmas lists???

  3. I know someone who bought smittens...they are awesome!


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