Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Potential engagement photo attire

Originally I thought this would make a killer bridesmaid dress, but it only comes in red or black and Mr. B thinks its too funky/casual [that is clearly a whole 'nother issue].

It's by Tulle, my favorite jacket maker who also happens to do lots of other great clothes. What a deal at $52!

What do y'all think, appropriate for casual, fun engagement photos? What color, red or black? 


  1. Red, Red, Red! I'm obviously partial to it, but I'm thinking that Red is a great color because it will really stand out against any background. Also, it looks pretty for any season! Love the dress- it's very you.

  2. It IS very you! I agree with Samantha. The red would really pop against your skin. Black could look harsh. It's funny, I was shopping with my/our (well almost for you) MIL, and I saw a dress very similar to that and we both immediately thought of you.


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