Thursday, January 22, 2009


After SIX HOURS at the mall on Friday, Mr. Livalittle and I are registered! First, we went to Macy's in the Ala Moana shopping center in downtown Honolulu (a gorgeous and ENORMOUS outdoor mall) and talked with Charlotte, who led us through the whole process. She gave us a free Swiss Army tote for registering and gave pointers on important items to include on our list. My lovely fiance took control of the clicker and we were off!

Although the process was exciting and fun, it was also overwhelming and exhausting! After we got there, I realized that we hadn't even picked a color scheme for our future bedroom, bathroom, living room or kitchen! Figuring this out while looking though dozens of choices for everything was a challenge, but once I had found one item I liked, everything else slowly fell into place. This is not to say that I was the only one making decisions! All of you that know us would probably agree that in terms of decorating, I am really feminine and Mr. L is extremely masculine- his most valued item is a black leather La-Z-Boy, mine is a bright coral comforter. So of course, this was a factor.

We managed to figure it out, balancing his likes with mine, and decided to decorate nearly everything in white, the only color we mutually like, hahaha. Ok, I exaggerate-- we are decorating the bathroom in capri blue and pure white, with a few pink and yellow/gold accents. We will have a white comforter with yellow/gold and white sheets (and then use my coral comforter and peach sheets when Brad indulges me). Our formal china is gold and white, our casual china is white and our kitchen will be yellow/gold. Kandinsky's color theory claims that yellow is a "cheeky and exciting" color but that it can also represent "blind madness and maniacal rage"- we'll hope for the former in our life.

We also registered at Williams Sonoma and had a blast looking at all of the cute and tiny tools. They sell all sorts of quirky little things like "fruit muddlers" and "corn zippers." We ended up registering for most of our kitchen utensils and other small items as their products are high quality and would be fun to have, but won't be too expensive for our guests.

My advice to those who haven't done it? First, talk about your ideas of what you need and want, for example: "how do you feel about getting a new set of casual wine glasses, even though you already have some?" Secondly, go early in the morning, if possible, and plan on a lunch break. It's more tiring than you think! Thirdly, finish as much as you want in one day and do the rest online. You need to see fabrics and china, but save adding appliances and kitchen tools for when you get home.

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