Monday, January 12, 2009

It's a double posting day

For everyone! With the news the Ms. Livalittle will be headed back to Hawaii for the next few weeks, I will honor her precedent with two posts today. 

So, I've been following the journey of Southern Weddings Magazine from their time as blog-only to the publishing of their first print issue this month.

Here's the question: Would anyone want to come to their launch party with me?! It could be fun! Or totally lame. But it's free and it's in a new restaurant I've never been to and it is my life's work to visit every single restaurant in Atlanta.

Let me know!


  1. I wish we could go to this, but we'll be up in DC for the inauguration freezing our arses off! Make sure to take lots of pics!

  2. Oh! I would totally go if I lived anywhere near Atlanta :) I've just been asked to join their Southern Brides Bloggers, and I can't wait to read the magazine!

  3. Hi Victory Bird,
    How was the launch party? I meant to go and got the date mixed up in my head!


  4. Um, yeah, so I didn't exactly go either. Too much fun on long weekends!


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