Monday, January 12, 2009

Let me tell you about the birds and the bees!

Oh, Victory, this is all wonderful!! I, too, have been getting inspiration for your wedding. Take, for example, this wedding cake. Although I must admit that the hive cake topper is rather phallic, the idea of a bee-themed cake is very fun and very mimosa colored. A birds and the bees wedding theme could be grand, as long as Mr. Birdsbee doesn't decide to dress in costume for the nuptials (pictured left).

For wedding favors, you could give out mini jars of local gourmet honey. If you were feeling particularly sentimental, you could add the phrase "meant to bee!" It may be cheesy, but the wedding favor is definitely a place where you can be a little bit silly, I think! After all, in ancient Greece and Rome, honey symbolized fertility, love and beauty. You could even put a little educational blurb on the back of the jar to that effect.

I found this invitation from I think that the paper is beautiful and although cherry blossoms are springy, the colors are oh-so-Fall. It definitely alludes to an outdoor wedding.
I also loved this bouquet for your colors-- perhaps you could have the accent color for the wedding be an orangey-red like the interior of the flower?

All the fun is in the details...


  1. Wow, I love it! Totally digging on the yellow, so vibrant, lively and rich!

  2. Haha, "It was meant to bee." So corny and yet it still made my afternoon :) Honey-gold would definitely match your colors though!


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