Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year . . . Same Old Bride?

Wow, the holidays were fantastic! A two week break spread out over two states, two families and two holidays.

Everywhere we went people [the well-intentioned sort] wanted to hear about our wedding plans. Eventually I just gave up saying we had NOTHING to share. No date, no venue, no colors [that Mr. B has approved, hehe], NADA. Don't worry, no exasperation towards assorted well-intentioned friends and family. Rather, it was a bit of inward exasperation towards me and Mr. B [actually it was mostly toward Mr. B]. 

See, our overarching life goals and values are well suited to each other. But we certainly bring a whole lot of 'balance' to each other. As a natural leader, I could pilot this wedding ship into Celebration Harbor in no time flat. But I have learned to be inclusive of others and compromise [yes, this has taken much time. I got low marks in Sharing during Kindergarten]. So every decision for this shindig is a joint decision. Which is good since we really think it through and work out all the pros/cons, but slows things UP.

The day we were scheduled to drive up to West Virginia, we were supposed to go tour one of our top two venues, the restaurant Canoe. But with a 7 hour drive ahead of us and the fact we were actually supposed to be at work during normal business hours, the trip out to the far far reaches of Buckhead was scrapped [to be fair, it's really the very northwest corner of Buckhead, almost the dreaded OTP]. So we left Atlanta with unfinished business. And you know how I hate unfinished business.

So over the holidays I was pretty wedding-ed out. Not interested. Waiting until we got back to Atlanta to begin re-hashing the venue decision. I figured it was essential to settle on a venue first and then all other decisions would flow from there. Then, while I was in Texas, I bought my dress [! More on this later! ]. But it's going to be great anywhere.

And then on the very last day of our sabbatical during a walk around the Highlands I launched into the conversation, prepped for battle. But after a restorative break [really, a darn good time] and just like that, we agreed on Piedmont Park for the ceremony. On October 24th.

Whooooopeeeee!!! Save that Date! Oh yeah, and now help us find a reception location. 

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