Friday, January 16, 2009

On to the invitation search.

Hello friends! Well, it's 8:00p here in Kailua, HI and Mr. Man is off flying, so I'm here in my sarong and am back to blogging! Since I already have made and eaten dinner (Mahi Mahi fish tacos with hearts of palm and avocado salsa- yum) and have finished my latest mindless novel (The Undomestic Goddess- a very fun read), it's on to wedding planning. MORE wedding planning! Honestly, how much scheming can one person do in preparation for one day? Evidently, a lot.

So now it's on to invitations. I am a traditionalist when it comes to stationery. I'm one of those people who is near hyperventilation when entering the Crane domain. Lined envelopes? Sign me up! Embossing? Oh, yes please! I seriously desire calling cards. I actually have an entire set of teeny notecards with my name engraved below a pair of pink shoes. I use these to write silly notes to Mr. Livalittle around the house and in the refrigerator like "this cheese reminds me of a small coy duck of Parisian ancestry I once knew...his name was Salty." I've been using them copiously and for no good reason because a)they are too ridiculous to give to anyone else and b) they are actually too small to mail-- I tried to send one once and it was sent back with a USPS stamp on it reading "too small to mail." Anyway, all of this is to say: I.heart.STATIONERY.

So what to do about wedding invitations? I want them to be beautiful, elegant and refined-- but I don't want them to look like every other ecru invite floating around the wedding world. Hmm...perhaps we could have a calligrapher hand write each one on beautiful heavy-weight card stock? Or maybe I could add an unusual stamp on both the outer and return envelopes to reflect our theme? Perhaps a stamp of WWII era planes? But yet again, I've checked on this and I've imagined something that doesn't actually exist. Oh the US Postal Service! Why can't I order custom stamps?

Any ideas my most brilliant friends?


  1. Actually, I do believe you can create stamps with your own photos - perhaps you can find a photo of a plane (or whatever other fun item) that you want to use and then create a stamp with it? Here's a website where you can do that - Have fun!

  2. Check out my favorite online invite designers:

    So beautiful!

  3. Yes, you can do personally designed stamps...a plane would be so cute!

    I love stationary too...I still write letters to my friend from summer camp like we did when we were 11.

    Kate's Paperie is a custom-paper/stationary place in NYC that does all sorts of great stuff, and you can order online too (frames, invites, personal cards, you name it!)


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