Monday, January 12, 2009

Off to Hawaii I go (again)!

Love this picture! Reminds me of our whirlwind romance! This is from Scarlett Lillian photo journal.

Well friends, I will be heading off to Hawaii tomorrow and will be there for three weeks! Mr. Livalittle and I hope to live a lot, since I will be there for his birthday and various other festivities. While we are there, I am hoping to find a local printer for our invitations, compile all addresses of our invitees, establish a notecard systems for guests (more on this later), register for gifts and talk more about the wording of our vows.

Since we do not want friends and relatives spending absurd amounts of money on shipping, we will be registering at stores that are in Hawaii, which include Macy's, Sears and Williams Sonoma. We're thinking that we can register for china, crystal and homewares at Macy's. Sears will be his playground, as he will be registering for tools and yard stuff. Williams and Sonoma will be for fun kitchen items! Unfortunately, Hawaii does not have Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond or Linens & Things. Oh well, we're going to work with it (and I think we'll have fun while doing it too).


  1. Ahhh! We need a Tracker to stay on top of your whereabouts! Have fun in the Aloha state and keep us posted on your plans!

  2. Awww, thanks the credit for my photo! Have fun in Hawaii, I just got back from there and miss it!


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