Thursday, November 12, 2009

V: By Popular Demand

I will make an actual commitment to blog. As in, more than a post every two weeks. There are so many projects I want to share with you, and once we get our photos back from Alea Moore, WATCH OUT!

Here is a list of things I promise promise promise to blog about before our six month anniversary:
  • More additions of "Rad Registry Items"
  • How to design, print, and assemble your own invitations [a multi-part series, with templates!]
  • F the Florist, or how I ended up with a florist's bouquet at the last minute
  • Dressing your Bridesmaids on the cheap
  • Gifting your Bridesmaids
  • Packaging gifts for your Bridesmaids, or Fun Projects at Midnight Before Your Wedding
  • How to make your mother & mother-in-law cry [happy tears!]
  • Your Veil, and the AWESOME things you can do with it
  • Our ceremony text [I'll post the whole darn thing for your use]
  • Other paper goods: programs, placecards, table markers, signage
  • Alternative Centerpieces, or How to Thrift 287 glass vases and not go broke/insane
  • What to do with Wedding Photos

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  1. Huzzah! I will look forward to further installments of rad registry items and thoughts on bridesmaids gifts. oh, and basically everythign else :)


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