Thursday, October 1, 2009

Samantha's thought of the day: Go the distance.

Samantha's bride tip #1: Fake eyelashes are the bomb! Ok, so I wasn't totally sure about the idea of wearing false eyelashes- what if they come off? But on the wedding day, I took a risk having never experimented with them before and they came out so well! All you do is buy DUO glue, purchase the eyelashes (I bought the kind from MAC that start in the middle of the eyelash and extend to the end- they look more natural), put the glue on fake lashes, place them on your eye and dry with a blow dryer until the white glue disappears! It took about 5 minutes total and lasted until I took them off the next day in the Denver airport, already one flight down and an entire wedding day later. The best part is that it sort of substitutes for eyeliner, so all I did was add some eyeliner to the part where the eyelash wasn't (toward the inner eye) and my eyes were pretty much done! It makes a big difference in pictures and definitely gives a slightly more glamorous and dramatic look.

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