Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm Married!!

It's true. I'm married! Thanks to Ms. Victory for posting a most wonderful video of our sword arch. How fun! Everything from the whole day went off without a hitch and we feel so lucky that it all went as planned.

The honeymoon was totally fantastic- we stayed in very secluded places, which were great after all the hubbub of the wedding. I highly recommend the Banff and Lake Louise area, particularly the places we stayed- Mount Engadine Lodge and Moraine Lake Lodge! They were the perfect mix of luxurious and rustic. Each of our rooms had a fireplace. We enjoyed many a bottle of wine next to those fireplaces!

Over the last few days, at the suggestion of my brother, I have been writing down all of my recollections of the wedding day. Future brides: I highly recommend this! Not only is it fun to remember all of the little details from the day, but it will also be great to have in a few years when things get fuzzy. Even my friends who were married within the last year have said that they've forgotten many of the little moments. To me, those are the best!

I'll be posting some pictures and will give you all a blow by blow, but for's my picture to you!


  1. Hooray! Congrats =0) You look gorgeous!

  2. Yes!! It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding, and I am beyond tickled that I made it onto the blog :)


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