Sunday, September 27, 2009

V: Mrs. Mission accomplished!

Introducing for the first time as Mr. & Mrs. Livalittle:

Wow. What a beautiful, elegant, FUN wedding. Last weekend, our nation's capital played host to the Livalittle nuptials, and boy were they awesome. From the beautiful church, to the military uniforms, to the drama of Samantha's veil, to the view of the waterfront from the reception restaurant--it was solid.

The video was created using Animoto, and omg it is SO AWESOME. Just input photos, video clips, music and text, and WHAM, they automate the video creation process. It maybe took me all of seven minutes to create this masterpiece. Thirty seconds of video for free, and a measly $3 for longer lengths. And only $5 for a high resolution, DVD-quality download [coming your way shortly Mrs. Livalittle!].

Hope you are enjoying your honeymoon in the wilds of Canada.


  1. What an adorable video! And a great website... congrats Livalittles!

  2. It was indeed an amazing wedding, and this video captures the "essence" of the entire day perfectly!


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