Monday, September 7, 2009

V: Evolution of a Website

Guess we all need to carve out our own little piece of cyberspace [see: this blog]. We made a nice little website in plenty of time before our invites went out. But the night after sending everything out, I busted out a complete different site, sparked by the genius of friend Caitee, a web guru getting married in September.

Version #1: A free wedding website from They have absolutely incredible templates. The backend interface is very simple, but limited in capabilities [no images or embedding code into the pages]. The sites appear to be in Flash, which cannot be viewed on mobile phones or easily linked to individual pages. Still, very nice looking sites.

Version #2:! While these free sites are technically a platform for blogging, but with the Pages feature and tagging/categories, you can create a very neat website. Templates are limited, but the ability to have comments, embed video, photos and special Google maps really make this a great option.

Front page:

Interior page with directions from Ceremony to Reception in an embedded Google map:

Either way, when making a wedding website, my advice to you is to definitely purchase your own domain name. It's so cheap, and if you don't have to worry about an ugly URL, you can just go with your favorite template.

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