Thursday, September 3, 2009, you are crazy.

Ok. So has anyone else noticed that classifies weddings based on either where they are, what colors were used, location (inside vs outside), etc.? Have you noticed that whenever someone non-white is getting married, they call it a "cultural wedding"? I, personally, think that this is both inappropriate and hilarious. I mean, HELLO!, what are you thinking? Just because some asian guy is marrying a white girl doesn't mean that the only notable aspect of their wedding is that they are "cultural." They might as well say "an asian wedding in Denver", it's equally gauche. That's my two cents.


  1. lol. i'm totally with you. the funny thing is that the owners are an Asian husband/"white" wife team.

  2. It is crazy. I can understand a link if things are going to be super traditional but even so!

  3. Agreed! And don't all weddings bring in some sort of personal& family history to a degree?

    Haha, and I laughed out loud at the "asian wedding in Denver" bit. So true!


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