Tuesday, September 22, 2009

V: Natural Disaster Barley Avoids Wedding (MY Wedding)

This was our runner-up wedding venue. You know, the wedding in exactly 32 days. The lovely restaurant Canoe sits on the scenic banks of the normally tame Chattahoochee river here in Atlanta.

But yesterday it was walloped by the flooding [the water is actually much higher today than in this photo from yesterday. Just check out CNN's broadcast from their parking lot]. Oh, did you know Atlanta has been flooded?

Not cool, flood. Not cool.

No reports from Piedmont Park, where our ceremony venue is a dock on Clara Meer Lake. Hopefully it hasn't overrun it's banks too badly.


  1. I work right up on Northside Parkway near a bridge in Vinings where the Chattahoochee is creepin on up... its quite impressive! Thank goodness you didn't pick Canoe!


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