Friday, August 21, 2009

336 days down, 29 to go.

We're less than one month from our wedding date! It's wild, really. We have received official responses or heard from a little over 70% of our people, but are still waiting for 85 people to let us know one way or the other! Let's hope that most of Brad's people can make it!!! Damn military is keeping a lot from coming =(.

Oh yeah, and today is Hawaii Statehood Day, which many people are protesting at Iolani Palace in downtown Honolulu. This also means I have the day off from work =). I also gave my two weeks notice about two weeks ago, so my very last day is Monday- smiles all around. On to a life of freelance writing and harp playing!


  1. I'm waiting on the last few RSVPs too... they aren't REALLY going to make me call them, are they? :) Congrats on what sounds like a very pleasant career change!

  2. Freelance writing and harp-playing? That sounds so delightful. Color me jealous! Good luck with the last few weeks!


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