Wednesday, August 12, 2009

V: Bling for the brigade

Whoa, you guys. There is a 'you guys'! I just met a REAL HUMAN who reads this blog! We are employed by the same major university. I guess that means I need to write entries on this blog.

Anyway, the big stuff is largely taken care of. That means it's time to accessorize!

We knew we wanted Mr. B and the guys to wear a narrow tie. And his only other requests included a shade of yellow that doesn't make him look sickly, and a non-shiny material.

Guess how many ties fit that bill? Right, zero.

So the ties are being made by MeAndMatila, from a mustard cotton fabric we purchased 359 yards of.

A real wedding on Brooklyn Bride, featuring MeAndMatila ties

I'm hoping [expecting] there will be plenty of left over fabric to create matching sashes to jazz up the bridal brigade's simple grey H&M dresses.

Perhaps something funky? Like this gorgeous ribbon belt featured in a tutorial found on 100 Layer Cake? Def pos.


  1. Love the grey dresses. I'm sure they will look fab with or without a sash.

  2. It's a small world after all! Victory is super cute in person and oh so knowledgeable about social media marketing. -REAL HUMAN :)


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