Monday, August 3, 2009

I don't want wedding shoes. Is that wrong?

At this point, I think I'd much rather spend [really, blow] my budget on a sweet pair of brown leather boots to wear on our trek through northern Italy. 

Oh J.Crew. Your shoes continue to taunt me.

I just can't find anything to wear on the wedding day that isn't better than what I already own [aka comfortable and broken in. Without 3.5"+ heels]

Can I pretty please replace 'wedding shoes' in the budget with 'honeymoon boots'?

Awesome, thanks.


  1. Maybe you could just go BAREFOOT and no one will notice because your dress is probably really long....and buy those beautiful boots =0)

  2. Oh buy the first two pairs!

    Whatever makes you happy, I say. Why not wear the boots at the wedding anyway?!

  3. Go for the boots!! I am getting married in flip flops!!
    Cute blog!

  4. I bought shoes for my wedding...pretty floral heels. Then as the ceremony started and I stood there teetering in the grass I thought screw this! And I kicked them off....halfway through the ceremony. In my defense our friend that was marrying us said SOMETHING about being barefoot and it REALLY sounded like a good idea!
    After almost whacking a guest in the head with my shoe I walked around barefoot until it was time to do the photos after the wedding. There were LOTS of sticker burrs out where they were going to take our pictures so I had my niece run grab my boots that I had brought with me in case the weather turned bad. Turns out that was what I wore the rest of the night. I was comfortable and they were ME! I should have saved my money and worn my boots from the start.

  5. Why not! It is your day and it is certainly a day to remember! I think boots can be chic even if worn with a wedding dress!

  6. Not wrong at all! Especially with those lovely boots. GO FOR IT!


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