Sunday, August 16, 2009

V: Cakes, A Tale of Evolution

A Martha Stewart.

Another famous Martha.

No clue, a Wedding bee?

Get the gist? I quickly went from tiered monstrosity to trendy cake bar, thinking it was the crafty, vintage, cost-effective route. Clearly, avoiding anything with the 'wedding' label would be cheaper, right? Mostly, yes. But I forgot to take into account the fact that seven to eight pretty vintage cake stands really REALLY add up.

So, here she is:

Awesome photo by TM Photography.

Introducing, from left to right: chocolate, my special white chocolate lemon, and red velvet. One for my mom, one for me, and one for Mr. B's mom. All frosted in creamy, smooth cream cheese frosting. Fancied up with a yellow velvet ribbon and real pink rose buds left over from my bouquet making endeavor. 

And instead of tromping off to the fancy bakeries in town selling cake that BEGINS at $5/slice, we hit up the official cake baker of our friend group. Mary Jane Confections is a one-woman local shop, famous for affordable, moist, buttercream-y cake. If you are in Atlanta, we highly recommend her! 


  1. Of course you contacted Mary Jane confections! She's awesome- I love that our group of friends has an official baking contact. Perhaps we should ask her to join the commune.


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