Sunday, August 2, 2009

Warning: Hotness Ahead

Take a gander at our engagement shoot by the extremely talented Kim of Alea Moore Photography.

Note that approximately three days before this lovely photo shoot I turned all of the clothes we planned to wear pink in the laundry. Oops.

(Click to Enlarge)

Our fav local diner, the Majestic (since 1927).

Inspired by this one.


  1. Red shoes! Love. Those are some of the best engagement photos I've seen. It must be the great chemistry.

  2. Eye candy e-pics!! These are incredible, love the home shots and the b+w one at the diner. Really gorgeous photos!

  3. Sorry Julia, those are my (new to me) Manolos!!! They're actually a rich brown leather, and totally rad-tastic. Thanks future mother-in-law and your well-off friend!


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