Friday, July 24, 2009

SL: Old/blue, borrowed and new?

What does everyone think of the "old, new, borrowed, blue" tradition? Silly and outdated or necessary for wedding day? I've been thinking about my outfit- I definitely have many new things and plan to borrow a bracelet. Is it ok to have my old and blue in the same item? Behold, a fabulous hanky with my maiden name initial embroidered on it in blue! Was my grandmother's-I plan to hold it with my flowers.
Has everyone else done this tradition? Important or not?


  1. Yup! Did the same! I carried a hankie that was my aunt's. It was old, borrowed and had some blue in the floral design.
    BTW - I'm starting a new blog that highlights how beautiful Plus Size Brides are. If you know of any that would like to have their wedding highlighted send them my direction!

  2. Whilst I don't think I will embrace archaic traditions such as this. Although I'm sure my mind will change a few times before my wedding.

    I do love the idea of carrying items dear to my family. I think it just adds a sweet dimension.

  3. The hanky is sweet, and tradition or no it's a nice touch. I don't know how necessary the tradition is, but it's fun - right?

  4. I don't know if I'll do old, borrowed, new, blue, I do like the idea of really building much of what I carry, wear, and have at the reception out of meaningful objects. But I don't think it's an outdated tradition. I say, do it if you want. Who cares?


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