Monday, July 20, 2009

SL: We have rings!!

Hey friends- I have a wedding band- I'm really getting married! On Friday, Mr. Livalittle and I went to Ben Bridge jeweler in the Ala Moana Shopping Center to purchase this gorgeous wedding band- I'm very excited. It is a perfect match to my engagement ring, so I think that it will look great!

We also purchased a ring for him, which is both white and yellow gold with a "satin" finish, which means that the metal has a brushed appearance and isn't super shiny . This will be perfect for Brad as it matches his yellow gold academy ring, but will also coordinate with mine. It's a pretty close (but not exact) match to this:



  1. Your ring is gorgeous. I do like the two tone look of the Mr.'s ring. Very cool

  2. I love the wedding bands you choose. My husbands band was the hardest to find because he is picky but he decided on a tungsten wedding band in the end since he works with his hands and didn't want the ring to get bent or scratched


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