Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Veil: Finalized after complete 180

I know, right? An elbow length, double layer, ribbon edged, pouffy-topped veil?


This is a looong way from the birdcage, and the cathedral length lattice lace number. But it's going to be awesome. See above picture [single layer version, sample of my dress].

And the BEST part? The reason I can rationalize going so very over budget? It's actually two pieces in one. 

Famed Priscilla of Boston sales lady Ellen [who was actually in a nightmare of mine last night, no joke] was redeemed when she showed me how to turn the VEIL into a WRAP. Whoa! Tuck the comb into the back of the dress and wrap it around your shoulders. Secure with an "heirloom pin" [words straight from the southern grand dame's lips]. Seriously, it looks incredible. But I can't find any images of others who have attempted this. So stay tuned! Til October.


  1. Can I just say how much I love that you're rocking electrical clips in this photo? Welcome to the glamour factory!

  2. Love the back of your dress! 2 for 1 always rocks!

  3. Umm...two comments. 1) your waist is tiny! 2)your arms are looking muscular. Go you!

  4. SO glad That I was there for that! Amazing!

  5. Now why can't I look as good in a sample!

    Also, you have to love the multitasking accessories!


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