Friday, July 17, 2009

V: New jewelry plan

Several folks have managed to convince me to keep the neckline area of my dress simple. In other words, I have been dissuaded from going to there.

So in light of that, plus the fact I may have blown past my veil budget, I've decided to wear the jewels I already own. 

See: Single pearl necklace worn to try on my gown, a present from Mr. B. Perfectly simple and meaningful. [Apologies for the dark picture]

Though I can't help look around, you know, for special goodies. 

This JCrew bracelet is pretty divine, though I would really prefer earrings made of the pearl clasp on the end. 

You could reason that those are are earrings I could wear again and again. They might even be able to be classified as a non-wedding purchase . . . right?


  1. Love the simple look - and maybe you could find earrings for a cheaper price

  2. Yep, I like simple because of the (awesome) belt detail. I'm sure you can find similar earrings for a better price - have you tried looking at vintage jewelery? That seems like a classic 60's style earring.

  3. I support this plan! I, too, am going for a simple look in terms of jewelery- pearl studs, single pearl & diamond necklace and a borrowed bracelet. Dress looks great!

  4. Your dress is fabulous...simple is always a great option, especially if it's a meaningful necklace.

    However, if you decide to get a necklace, I think a simple piece that sits closer to your neck would be perfect for you... :-)


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