Wednesday, July 22, 2009

V: Forget the wedding, I'm going to Italy!

It seems many folks are choosing to postpone a honeymoon or opt for a smaller mini-moon these days. 

But wow. Mr. B just booked our trip through a travel agent our photographer recommended, and it is going to be OFF THE CHAIN.

Besides the fact that it is every man's dream to take an extended vacation to New Zealand, there was never much doubt that we'd definitely honeymoon in Italy. Florence specifically, where Mr. B spent three years of high school. I need to visit this town to understand that time in his life, and what better time than after I've locked up our relationship and thrown away the key? 

First stop is naturally Florence, to check out the bars Mr. B was regularing at the tender age of 15.

Next stop will be Venice, which would normally hold less interest for Mr. B (some grumbling about all the freaking tourists), however we will just happen to be in Italy during the Biennale.
THE BIENNALE. The historic, prestigious, famed, international art show that only occurs every other year. A dream of mine to attend for ages since studying as an art history major. 

No joke: we will be staying in a Best Western. It just happens to be a 15th century monastery.

We will see awesome art!

Final stop will be Lake Como. A place new to both of us. Our hotel is RIGHT ON THE WATER and there is a chance we will run into George Clooney. Good thing we will have already thrown away that key. . .

The economy being down right now is actually really working in our favor, considering the amazing deals we got on all 4 star hotels. Sabine, the German-accented travel agent has a terrible website, but is the nicest person in the world and really hooked us up. CANT WAIT. ALMOST MORE EXCITED ABOUT THIS THAN THE WEDDING.


  1. Oh yay for Florence. Love visiting my mother's best friend from school and her super handsome sons! Seriously good food if you leave the city and go up into the hills looking for the tiny tiny restaurants! Really want to visit venice too. Super jealous!

  2. This sounds absolutely fantastic Nicole! I cannot wait for you to go and then tell me all about it! B-E-A-UTIFUL!

  3. I know I'm supposed to be "happy" for you and stuff, but REALLY, I'm just jealous. :)

  4. AAHHHH! I am totally jealous! You guys are going to have the most amazing time in the world! And isn't Sabine awesome!! I'm so happy she has been good to you and planned a perfect trip! See you in a few months!

    :) Kim

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