Wednesday, July 15, 2009

SL: Get Out of My Head,!!!

According to, I have 89 things left on my to do list before the wedding and 66 days to do them. This means that in order to stay on track, I will have to do an average of 1.348 wedding related tasks per day, some of which require hours of time and most of which require significant moolah. Oh, you are a cruel mistress!
I feel like a slave to the checklist- I hate it but I keep going back. It's like an abusive relationship. The has begun to infiltrate every aspect of my life- I search the site at work, at home, in my sleep....ok, maybe not in my sleep. But seriously, I feel like it is insidiously working its way into my brain and is taking over!! Sadly, I have it open in another tab right now. I better get back to my checklist.

Signing off,

Samantha Livalittle


  1. oh my god seriously! the amount of things the knot wants me to do is unreal


  2. lol, very funny, made me laugh!
    no worries, you will get done what needs to get done!


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