Friday, July 10, 2009

Samantha's thought of the day: Beautiful Shoes for Under $100!

So remember when I was trying to decide between these two pairs of shoes? The gorgeous pink Badgley Mischka Carlo pumps in pink or the oh-so-tempting Maria Lopez shoes in peach?
Well, I decided that $300 for a pair of shoes is just not I started to look at Zappos and and there are some fantastic options for under $100!! Nina shoes, rsvp, Me Too and Johnathan Kayne have some very fun choices.

So those Badgley Mischka pumps were beautiful, right?
Check out these, very similar shoes by rsvp, which come in champagne, pure white and black for $89! An extra $200 could go a very long way!
Or what about these killer red shoes by Nina, also for $89? Ooooh, these are tempting!
Or what about these Caparros shoes, called "Greece" for $79...very sweet and would be great for a daytime outdoor wedding, I think.
Or if you wanted something blue in your shoes? Check out these Navy ones by rsvp- also under $100!
Classic white shoes by rsvp:

White and be-jeweled:

Ok and these aren't appropriate for a wedding dress, but I really want them!
Check out Zappos, particularly rsvp brand!!


  1. Love the corsaged rsvp ones.

    I could buy at least 10 pairs for the wedding, just in case!!

    Oh shoes, you make me happy.

  2. Love the Badgley Mischka's. I have been trying to rationalize splurging on them for weeks.

  3. Oh, they are all so pretty. I like your taste in shoes!

  4. Um, were there any words in your post? Pretty shoe pictures = drool ...

  5. Great these!

  6. the shoes are just simply lovely... specially Classic white shoes by rsvp, i just loved them... i have got some converse shoes they are really kool check the link out..


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