Monday, June 1, 2009

Shoe mania!

Ok friends, I've decided that I am ready to start shoe-shopping! Shoes are my favorite thing, especially very high-heeled ones. I am slowly building my collection so that I have every color of the rainbow. Anyway, I digress. What do we think about the two shoes below? I love them both and am thinking that pale pink is the perfect color to wear with my dress, since my bouquet will look similar to this:

So what would be more perfect than these gorgeous, gorgeous shoes? The only problem is that they are nearly $300. Is it worth it? Should I just wear the white heels I already own?

Voila! Pair number 1- Badgley Mischka Carlo Pump in gorgeous!

Or perhaps even better...pair number 2 with fantastic detail and a great rosey-peach color.

So what do you say ladies, number 1, number 2 or the white shoes I already own?


  1. If I could walk in them, I would totally wear the first pair!
    I like splurging on pretty pink things, so I'm probably the wrong person to ask about spending $300.

  2. I'm really digging #1. Would you ever wear them again?! Maybe there's an option #3 that is just as cute and a little less $$. I think it will make you feel great wearing a new pair of shoes!

  3. Is it wrong that I think you should buy both? ;)
    I'm such a shoe I know this can't be an easy decision!

  4. I LOOOOVE shoe #2. Sexy, and a bit of that retro vibe....

    That being said, I couldn't justify that much for a pair of shoes, when I could spend it toward my honeymoon or put it in savings. But, that's just my two cents! :)

    What do I know? I wore flip flops! Haha

  5. The upside of being able to afford none of them (like me): surrounding yourself with pictures of ALL of them.

  6. Number 1!! And those are un-wedding-y enough that you could definitely wear them again and again.

    I figure, your wedding is already costing you so much money, what's one more thing. Although, I use that excuse about life in NYC in general, so perhaps that is faulty logic.

  7. #2!!! plus, you could totally wear them again!

  8. Oh my gosh, there is noooo question. You need #1 for the ceremony, and #2 for the reception! Tell Mr. L that if he doesn't buy your four shoes, you will never bear sons.


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