Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Flower Girls!

Hello friends. So Mr. L's little niece is going to be our flower girl and I couldn't be more excited! She is four years old and super adorable. Like me, she enjoys discussions about the color pink and Disney princesses. Anyway, we've picked a dress and it is so cute! I'm considering also sending my little two year old niece down the aisle with her (holding her hand), but we'll have to see how she's doing at that point. That is, will she be in a hand-holding phase at that point or just running everywhere? I always think that the flower girl provides the comic relief at a wedding. I've been to a bunch of ceremonies where the little girl dumps the basket of flowers at the beginning of the aisle and then makes a run for it!
The church where we will be married does not allow the throwing of flower petals. Has anyone else had this rule? What did you do about it? I'm thinking about just giving her a small poesy to hold, but I'm not sure!


  1. I've heard of the no real rose petals rule, but will they let you throw silk ones?

  2. How about a Flower Ball

  3. Silk should be an option (won't stain the carpet). Also, you could just give them empty baskets. Mine didn't throw a single petal, so it was about the same!
    For the record, I had four flower girls (all my nieces), ages 2.5, 2.5, 2, and 16 months. All of them walked down on their own, the 16 month one in the lead!
    We had them walk down the aisle, then circle around with a grandma and go play in the parish house during the ceremony. I think a laid-back attitude of "whatever happens!" is ideal with kids that young.
    The pics with them are my favorite. Enjoy!


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