Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Buy a Flip, write an awesome marriage sign-off

OMG, back from Bonnaroo, so glad I am not a dirty hippie. Had the best time ever with my bffs/bridal brigade members and one dude friend. Tried out the Flip video camera and LOVED it. I highly recommend for documenting bachelorette parties and wedding weekends.

Those of you who know me in real life know about my complicated relationship with animals, and my affinity for a certain blogger who spends time hating on cute furry creatures. Well, now this can get wedding-related! That blogger, of FU Penguin, is getting married and has crafted the best wedding sign-off post EVER. Check it out: It's marriage time, bitches!


  1. Bonaroo??? no fair! So jealous!
    The last time Cath and I were at El Bar was a few months ago (I know! criminal!)- we should be real-life friends. Agreed!


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