Thursday, June 25, 2009

Brigade: Shoes or Jacket/Cardigans?

The bridal brigade jacket finally came in all the way from Thailand in yellow from Etsy seller Ananya. Trying it on with the totally rad H&M bridesmaid dresses, we discovered that it really needs to be lined since the grey shows through, making the jacket look kind of greenish. Ananya is getting ready to have a baby, and can't find the same fabric, which pretty much rules out this option.

Luckily, I think our favorite mustard yellow is going to be featured in stores this fall. Check out these peep toe flats from Gap. $40, holler! 
Or, we could keep looking for a cardigan/jacket to keep away the October night chill. I'm thinking we could maybe find a local seamstress to recreate Ananya's jacket a fabric of our choosing, but I have no idea how pricey this would get.

What would you do? Shoes or shoulder coverings? Or give it up in favor of taking a freakin chill pill?


  1. That's unfortunate that the jackets aren't opaque enough to look like you want them to. Are you still going to use them? I think it's probably easier to get shoulder coverings that are comfortable and suit everyone rather than put them all in the same pair of shoes. Could you find a seamstress to line the jackets you already have?

  2. I love, love those shoes. Do you need to line with a similar fabric? Perhaps just a similar yellow so the grey doesn't show through?

  3. I love the shoes- love them! However, not everyone looks great in flats- some people prefer heels because of the elongating effect. I think I would go one of two ways:
    1)everyone wears the shoes and you buy neutral (grey or black) wraps for the girls to wear. Makes a good bridesmaid gift too. Maybe they could put funky mimosa colored accessories in their hair or in jewelery? Or maybe, in this scenario, you could also add a cool belt in yellow.

    2)everyone wears neutral shoes of their choice and you buy a mimosa colored wrap. I think that wraps are easier and look more formal. The girls in wraps and heels is a lot more dressed up than flats and cardigans.

  4. Looking at the cardigan again, I really love it- maybe you should have it recreated!


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