Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bridal Event #1: It pays to complement fellow brides

Last Wednesday the Piedmont Park weddings cartel [cute southern ladies who rule the most coveted Atlanta wedding locations with an iron fist] held an exclusive event for couples getting married at a Park venue. Really, we're just holding our ceremony there, so no need for a caterer. Thus, Mr. B and I reverted to our college roots and decided to go for the free food. 

But lo and behold, there was a lovely tall blonde wearing a gorgeous grey dress! So after working up the courage, I approached her to get its make and model with the bridal brigade in mind. "Oh, you're in luck," she said. "Just got it at H&M!"

So I popped over there this past weekend to see if it was true, not expecting to find it buried among the cheap & uber trendy. But it does exist!

Behold: The Holy Grail of Bridesmaids' Dresses!

Buttons, sash, pocket, Oh my!

At $40, these dresses are a mega steal! When I proposed my original idea to have the lovely bridal brigade supply their own dresses and top it off with the same jacket, most voiced that they would need to get a gray dress anyway.

Matching the dress would in theory make the jacket idea optional. But could be nice to have in the potentially cool late October weather. We'll figure it out if we can actually get five of these dresses in the right size, which I'm not entirely sure we'll be able to pull off.

Our long-awaited in-town H&M location only had a few sizes. I'm actively trying to track down the rest. The four Atlanta "area" stores [how on earth is the Mall of GA in the Atlanta area?] get shipments every single day and are likely to get more of these dresses at some point. Guess what that means? Calling four stores a day like a crazy lady. Yes, it's worth it.

And yeah, I bought one in my size for me to keep. This way I get a fantastic dress I like, and one of the bridal brigade ladies can just borrow it instead of purchasing. Win-win if you ask me.


  1. Super cool! I love that you love the dresses so much you had to have one for yourself :) I would do the same with the dresses I picked out, except I'd look really silly wearing a floor-length chocolate satin gown as an everyday dress. Great find! I love the color too.

  2. Love it! I am super cheap and hate the idea of spending $200 when you can get a perfectly good dress for $40!
    That dress looks perfect for a BM.
    Good find!

  3. LOVE the dress! Damn, I heart me some H&M>

  4. OOOH! Love it, love it, love it!! Great idea.

  5. It's fantastic. The buttons are amazing! They have so many cute dresses...

  6. they are so great too. I have definetly been looking into the yellow/gray combo


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