Thursday, April 23, 2009

Save the Date

Dearest readers. Ok, so it is officially LESS THAN FIVE MONTHS FROM MY WEDDING! Oh dear lord in heaven. Where has the time gone? I can't believe that Brad and I are over half way done with our engagement. I basically have taken a six week wedding hiatus, but now the pressure is on to get out those save the dates! I really wanted to send them out a while ago, but am thinking that it's not the end of the world as long as they are out by the end of the month.

For the save the date, I am thinking of sending a postcard to relatives and older guests and the generated save the date for my contemporaries because so many of them do not have firm addresses. Is this terrible if I do the email thing? Does it totally not match the formal wedding that we will have on September 19th? (Um...friends reading the blog: save this date, haha).

Thoughts, please!


  1. I think email save the date is totally acceptable. If you still want to get across the formal wedding vibe, just incorporate that into the design and indicate "formal invitations to follow".

  2. I think it is fine . . . but I also think people love getting stuff in the mail, and it will make them more excited about coming to your wedding!

  3. Good luck with that. We're totally bypassing the entire STD process, since everyone invited already knows the deal. Watch for an email asking for your address, that's going to be the closest we get!

  4. I agree with Victory...I think the STD cards are not really necessary. Email is fine nowadays. Save time and money on postage/printing...there is so many other details to think about :-)


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