Friday, April 10, 2009


So I'm sort of obsessed with makeovers. Truly, madly, deeply. Whether it's hair, makeup, body, mind, soul- I LOVE the makeover show, movie or what have you. So imagine my glee when I discovered, the ultimate makeover website!

I am planning to use this website to help prepare for my wedding- what kind of hairstyle do I want? What shade of lipstick or gloss? Shade of eyeshadow? Should I get highlights? How about lowlights? There are lots of other fun things to try like fake eyelashes, colored contacts and lip-plumping. The plumping made me look like a total crazy lady. Anyway, the list goes on. PLUS, not only can you try different shades, but they are actually linked to real makeup products! Amazing.
Upon hearing about the site (from my dad of all people), I had tons of fun experimenting with different hairstyles, eye colors and hair colors. The technology is actually pretty good and you can adjust everything exactly to the picture you upload. It is super fun to see! Below I have posted pictures of me in different iterations:

Barbie Samantha
Beach Bum Samantha

Glamourous Samantha

Alternative Samantha

And finally, if Mr. L and I have a little Livalittle, this is what I think she would grow up to look like- me, with his coloring:

Has anyone used the site? Thoughts?


  1. LMAO
    That is equally funny and awesome! :-)

  2. STOP. I am going to waste away the rest of my day playing with this now!!


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