Thursday, April 9, 2009

Float [I am resisting a boat reference]

I remember when I got my first pedicure. Senior year, the day before Prom.

Now I'm ready to tackle another pampered frontier: I booked my first facial appointment ever. I'm the first to say it seems like an undue luxury, but when I heard about this new spa that just opened down the street in Inman Park, I couldn't pass up the chance.

You know its a good deal when the spa's web address is For their opening, all one hour services are $39 . . . for real. 

But I have a confession: I don't exactly know what a facial is. I mean, are we talking face massage? Steam? I'm so confused. 

I just want to get some help with my huge pores, wacked-out combination skin and random breakouts before our engagement pictures taken in late May. Anyone with experience/advice out there? 


  1. i've only had one pedicure, and it was awful. she didn't offer for me to read a magazine or anything, and i was totally clueless, so i just sat there for two very boring hours (between pedicure & manicure) alone with her in a small room, not talking. and the pedicure hurt!! i didn't get the appeal at all.

  2. I had my first pedicure a few weeks ago! I loved it...and I'm going back for one for my wedding. I would love to have a facial. :) I have combination skin oily/dry, and the occasional breakouts. I use Baking Soda as a facial scrub, it also helps with breakouts.

  3. Facials are awesome. There are a variety, that can be very "light" and some can be quite serious. A typical facial includes a facial cleanse, massage, a couple masks, a hot towel or steaming. Many facials also include extractions (i.e. blackhead removal) and exfoliation. If you are getting a facial, make sure to do it a week or two before the wedding or your engagement photos, just in case your skin has any sort of reaction. If you know you have sensitive skin, ask the esthetician to go easy on you and let them know your issues.

    Apparently microdermabrasion does wonders for larger pores. It's a more serious facial treatment so do your research.

    Facials are awesome! A great cleanse for your skin and you will definitely glow from the exfoliation and dead skin removal.

  4. Hmmm... I've only had one facial and all I can say was - AMAZING. Its a little weird to have someone put all this gunk on your face and then wipe it off, put more on, squeeze your nose and cheeks, and then scrub and steam and... well, you'll find out what its like when you get yours. My recommendation is to ask her to give you a little consultation on your skin - ask what kinds of products you should use and stuff. I forgot to and can't wait to get another so I can ask!

    Oh..and you may break out a little the day afterwards but its completely normal and goes away in no time.


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