Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Hey friends! Well tonight I have an exciting feature: eInvite, the ultimate companion for the modern-day bride! When I first heard the company name, I thought to myself, "are these online invitiations? What is left of etiquette in this world?" Fortunately though, I was absolutely mistaken.

E-invite is a company that allows brides and grooms to special order personalized invitations online. The designs are cute, the prices are good and the quality is fantastic! What's more, eInvite has teamed up with to provide coordinated wedding invitations and wedding websites. Style conscious brides can create a streamlined look from the first visit to their website to the thank you notes received weeks after the actual event.

The company produces all sorts of invitations- there are literally hundreds to choose from and all are suited to the hip bride, far from boring! eInvite makes stationery specific to all of the events surrounding a wedding including the bridal shower, engagement shower, rehearsal dinner and the big day itself. There are also stationery options for announcements, save-the-dates and thank you notes. Depending on the style you choose, prices range between $99 and $429 per 100 invitations, which includes envelopes. If you are curious about how a particular invite looks in person, ordering a sample is easy.

The online possibilities with eInvite are what make the company unique. Since a bride can choose to coordinate her invitations and her website, there are many other related options that are not only different but cost-effective and green-friendly. First of all, brides can choose to print only what is necessary- save the dates and announcements are available in attractive email format through the website. Also, once you have made your order, you can do your invitation proofs online, which is definitely faster than a standard stationery company. Finally, if you choose, you can have guests respond online rather than sending in response cards. While I wouldn't choose to do that for my actual wedding day, it's definitely a great option for the rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, engagement party and other pre-wedding events.

I was excited about all of the hype, but when I actually saw the invitations in person, I was quite impressed. The paper is heavy-weight, the designs are detailed and the raised thermography is attractive. When I received them in the mail, I was so excited that I went out in the garden to take some pictures to share! My apologies if the quality isn't perfect!

Which ones do you like? If not any of these, how about the ones on the Bridal Shower page? Has anyone used this company? Do you like the idea?


  1. Have you seen I think it might change your mind about email invitations. They make a great supplement to traditional paper invitations. Plus you can list your registry and very soon will be able to RSVP. Check it out and if you want to try it I will give you and your readers a discount code.

  2. Great prices! I think the first and poppy one are more my style.


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